About me

I’ve always been a nerd. I graduated with a master science degree in Mechatronics Design. It wasn’t exactly a rocket science… Actually it was! One of the highlights of my studies is a sounding rocket launch campaign.

Teraranger distance sensor
Tell me it's not the cutest sensor you've seen in your life

Currently I work at Terabee as a R&D Applications Engineer, which means every day I got to work with robots and integrating ranging sensors on them. It also means I still get to play with drones and work a lot with ROS (Robot Operating System).

Between 2014 and 2016 I was working at SkyCircuits where I was writing ground control station software for UAV autopilots and even led an autopilot integration project on 50kg+ helicopter platform (by the way, it was super cool!).

What are you going to find on this blog

Short answer: everything. A bit longer answer: I’m a very keen learner. I study lots of different topics at different times. When I find something interesting I’m likely to share it on this blog. Stay tuned for more information!

-Mateusz Sadowski

New logo

As of December 2016 this blog has a new shiny logo that you can see above. The logo was made by Ala Wojczakowska. If you like it then make sure to stop by her portfolio!