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I finished reading C# in Depth by John Skeet. I’m sure John Skeet’s book will stay on my shelf for years to come. The special thing about this book is that it takes a reader for a journey. The journey starts with C# 2.0 and slowly introduces new concepts introduced in the C# and .NET on the way to C# 5.0.

Personally, I needed this book. At the beginning I was really sceptical about the idea of learning ‘old stuff’ since some of it won’t be relevant anymore. After completing the book I realise how important that approach was. It turns out that newer versions of C# and .NET generate lots of code for you and understanding the behaviour behind the scenes will make you a better developer, or at least that’s how I feel after completing this book.

Who would I recommend this book to?

This book is not for people who didn’t use C# before. Also don’t make it your second book if you are just beginning your journey with this language. Having just 2 years of experience there were moments when I struggled a lot with the concepts presented in the book. Don’t take me wrong, the book is written in a brilliant manner, examples are clear and it all makes sense, the difficulty was expected given the book covers advanced C# topics.

As for the 12 books challenge: time to step up my game and finish at least 3 more books this year!

Mateusz Sadowski

Mateusz Sadowski
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