A month of ASP.NET Core

As a continuation of 1PPM challange I dived into uncharted territories of web development (something I was actively trying to avoid throughout my life so far).

In this post I will briefly present my (only partially unwarranted) worries on web development as well as mention the courses I learned from and possible way forward.

Drop off the race

I never found the web development appealing as it seemed to me that it’s far too bloated (leftpad anyone?). Adding to it a constant change of trendy frameworks in javascript world (someone once told me that there is a javascript library for every word. Chair.js anyone? What about fliflop.js?).

There are two reasons why I decided to start learning ASP.NET Core; firstly I can exercise some of my C# skills, secondly I have tons of ideas for personal projects, which can be done using web stuff.

At some point I came to a realization that I don’t have to include millions of external libraries that I can’t really control, or that I don’t have to jump to the next hot framework hoping it catches up or that building stuff that scales doesn’t matter (let’s be honest I won’t build next Facebook or Netflix).


Throughout this month I completed ASP.NET Core 1.0 Fundamentals course on Pluralsight (thanks to Microsoft for devessentials and free 3 month trial).

I also started the second course Building a Web App with ASP.NET Core, MVC 6, EF Core, and Angular which I’m hoping to complete in the next couple of weeks.

Going forward

I will definitely spend some more time with C# and ASP.NET Core in the following months. I’m quite tempted to try to mix web stuff with some low level programming, I will keep you posted!

Mateusz Sadowski

Mateusz Sadowski
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