Git intermediate
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Are you unsure about the level of your Git skills? Or did you start using Git recently and would like some pointers on where to go next? I hope I will be able to help you in both cases.

It’s going to be subjective

I don’t know of any metrics that you can use to assess one’s level of any version control system, therefore this article will be heavily subjective. If you know everything I mention in this article then in my personal opinion you can claim you know Git on at least intermediate level. If you aim at higher level of understanding Git then I would suggest you eventually go through Git source code and hopefully contribute to the development.

This article assumes you have at least basic understanding of Git, if you are just starting with Git then please consider covering the basics first. It also assumes you are working with Git console (IDEs do not count!). Without further due let’s get to the fun parts!

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New logo
Author: Ala Wojczakowska

Returning readers (all two of them) might notice enormous change in the quality of logotypes on the blog now. The logo was made by Ala Wojczakowska and if you like it then make sure to check out her portfolio, where you will find heaps of innovative and cool designs!

2 years ago I launched a rocket (almost) into space - here is what I learned!

I’ve always been fortunate when it comes to finding great learning opportunities. In years 2013-2014 I hit a jackpot, as I spent over a year learning awesome things at Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. One of the courses I was lucky to take was Space Technology that was finished by a sounding rocket campaign. Do you want to know what I’ve learned? Then read on! (There will be a prize for if you make till the end)

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12 books project - an update
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Over 10 months ago I decided to take part in a 12 books challenge. So far I finished 4 books and I’m hoping to finish 1 or 2 more. The fact is that I won’t read 12 technical books this year but that’s OK.

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C# in Depth Cover


I finished reading C# in Depth by John Skeet. I’m sure John Skeet’s book will stay on my shelf for years to come. The special thing about this book is that it takes a reader for a journey. The journey starts with C# 2.0 and slowly introduces new concepts introduced in the C# and .NET on the way to C# 5.0.

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Handling Mouse

Making mouse move and click on stuff in C# is probably the easiest thing I did in my life. Here is the class:

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Summing up the last post: we can now identify the gems on the board and produce an array containing color indices.

The move class

I love writing ‘simple’ code that speaks for itself. Does it make the code slower? Maybe, but until I don’t experience any sluggishness on my 3 years old low end laptop then I don’t care! Clarity comes first, then comes optimization if it’s needed.

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