Updated looks of the blog!

New logo
Author: Ala Wojczakowska

Returning readers (all two of them) might notice enormous change in the quality of logotypes on the blog now. The logo was made by Ala Wojczakowska and if you like it then make sure to check out her portfolio, where you will find heaps of innovative and cool designs!

Mateusz Sadowski

Mateusz Sadowski
Mechatronics software developer interested in drones and robotics

Drone Course - Part 1 - Lift Force

Understanding lift force is crucial to understand the flight mechanics of aircraft (including drones). This concept is relevant to every single platform we will disuss during this drone course. Continue reading

Drone Course - Part 0 - an introduction

Published on July 02, 2017

A month of ASP.NET Core

Published on April 27, 2017